It's Not Just the Destination

It's not just about the destination. It's the journey. AMA Waterways river cruising takes you to the best of Europe in Luxury. AMA Waterways is one of my favorite vacations in Europe and an amazing way to see cities, off the beaten path towns ... all in 5 star luxury. 

Holiday sailings, Single Supplement Waived Sailings and so much more. Available now!

2018 Savings

Save $1500 on Wine Cruise

Treat your taste buds to an exceptional Wine Cruise that journeys through Europe’s most illustrious winegrowing regions. Book soon and save $1,500 per stateroom on select Wine Cruises in 2016 and 2017. Contact Enjoy Vacationing to learn more!

Take a wine cruise through beautiful Europe and save $1,500 per stateroom!

Private Wine Cellars & Wineries
Enjoy exclusive tours and tastings in Europe’s private wine cellars and wineries

Renowned Vineyards
Explore famous wine regions, like Portugal’s Douro Valley and Austria’s Wachau Valley

Local Wine Tastings
Indulge in unique tastings at a variety
of local venues

Wine Expert
A wine expert will lead discussions and
tastings on the ship