20% off Galapagos

Dive into nature’s workshop

20% off Galapagos Islands trips before November 30, 2016 - EnjoyVacationing.com

There’s no better place to appreciate our blue planet than in the Galápagos Islands. Snorkel with sea lions, soak up the sun with iguanas, or simply marvel at the natural beauty around you.

And for a limited time only, G Adventures is offering 20% off select Galápagos departures booked before November 30!

Experiential Travel from G Adventures

Connect with the Locals - We have several partners who help you give back while you travel. As G Adventures says "At its heart, travel is about exchange. That's why G Adventures ensures that the communities our travelers explore with us get something back from the experience too." They give back in ways that address local challenges, benefit indigenous people, empower marginalized women and help disadvantaged youth. We love their small-group adventure travel done differently. Check out the G Adventures videos.

Adventure Vacationing can include active exploration, cultural immersion, embracing the unexpected, escaping the well-trod path and making lifelong connections.