NYC Airport Update

As you may or may not know. New York's LaGuardia airport (LGA) has begun a four-year, $4-billion-dollar redevelopment program to completely reshape the airport. The existing LGA terminal services almost 15 million travelers annually.

As LaGuardia has little public transportation, traveling to the airport has already become a trying experience for many. Last week, there were several days where it was taking two to four hours to reach the terminals, causing some travelers to ditch rental cars and walk several miles to the airport. Many carriers have been advising travelers to give themselves four hours to travel from Manhattan to the airport. Even Uber was refusing rides to or from the airport.

Also, because many travelers are arriving late for their flights, time-balanced security checkpoints are backing up, causing more angst for travelers.

If you are (or are considering) flying into or out of New York's LaGuardia, please visit to stay on top of any last-minute changes to roads, parking, pick up and drop off areas and cell phone lots. From there, you can also sign up to receive emailed alerts. If you, or someone you know, travel to LGA often, I suggest you sign up for these alerts.

Additionally, the New York Port Authority has begun construction on the main roadway into New York's JFK Airport as well. For JFK, they are suggesting people drop off at an JFK AirTrain station versus attempting to drive into the airport.

Remember, Newark (EWR) is a viable alternative.