Travel Insurance

We thank you for trusting our expertise and advice in planning your amazing vacations. We know you want the most rewarding and memorable vacation experience possible! We get many questions about travel insurance plans - but with so many varied plans offered by cruise lines, tour operators and other travel suppliers, knowing which plan to choose can be challenging. Consider these advantages in purchasing travel insurance through Enjoy Vacationing suppliers: 


Higher Medical and Evacuation Limits.
Plans provide coverage limits that meet the increased costs of medical care and emergency medical evacuation with some plans offering Primary medical coverage. Cruise line/tour insurance plans are generally much more limited leaving you at possible risk for having to pay out-of-pocket.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver. When a client purchases an insurance plan through Enjoy Vacationing, they may be eligible to receive a waiver of pre-existing medical conditions when the plan is purchased within a specific time frame – something most cruise line/tour plans don't offer.

Financial Default. Available with many plans when the plan is purchased within a specific time frame. Cruise lines/tour companies do not generally self-insure for financial trouble.



Door to Door Coverage. When you purchase a travel insurance plan and insure for all nonrefundable portions of your trip, you will have coverage from the time of purchase until the time you return. Cruise line/tour insurance plans generally only provide coverage for their own arrangements, excluding any independent air or pre/post costs.

24/7 Medical, Security and Travel Assistance. Our insurance suppliers' 24-hour, multi-lingual assistance centers provide the service virtually anytime, anywhere.

Cash Reimbursement. When the unexpected does happen and you need to file a claim, our top suppliers provide cash reimbursement, rather than time-sensitive vouchers often provided by cruise line/tour operator plans.