European Travel

We're getting a lot of questions and feedback about travel to Europe for 2016 and 2017 and wanted to share some trends.

- Travelers headed to Europe this summer are seeking out off-the-beaten path destinations, and bookings are up overall. More travelers are going outside of the cities and seeing more of the countries they visit.

- Bookings for Europe started out at a frantic pace early in the year, slowed down this spring but now they’re back at full speed.

- Inquiries across the US travel industry have doubled in the past week for travel to the UK.

- The three "I"s - Iceland, Ireland and Italy are hot. Especially Sicily. In addition, travelers are also headed to Scandinavia and Scotland. Iceland and Norway are especially popular for activity based travel such as hiking, mountain biking and walking.

- River Cruises outside of the major cities are also quite popular.

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