Weekend Getaways

How to Plan an amazing Weekend Getaway!

Face it! Sometimes we all just need to get-away from it all. When that happens, how do you plan a get-away during your busiest time? Obviously, you'll want to contact Enjoy Vacationing to help, but how do you narrow it down? 

  • Time - How much time do you have. Is it just Saturday and Sunday or can you get away Wednesday-Sunday? For a 2 day weekend, something you can drive to is usually best. We can help you find a hotel to spoil you, rent a car to reduce stress and recommend activities in your destination! If you have a little more time, consider a weekend on a beach, in the mountains or in a city you've never explored. Recently we've been seeing great 3-5 night deals for all-inclusive resorts as well as luxury hotels and mountain resorts. Spring & summer can be the most cost effective time to travel to these destinations!
  • What makes you happy? I once heard that we are either golf or beach people. I think most people can easily narrow down if they want a big city, a beach or a mountain get-away. From there, let your travel agent help you find a fabulous location that gives you the down time you need. What better way to escape reality than to have help planning? Recently, we've been fielding requests for 4 night cruises to the Bahamas, weekends in San Diego, long weekends in New York City and trips to mountain resorts. We truly want you to Enjoy Vacationing!
  • Budget - Obviously this is key. Let me know what you're looking to spend. We have deals at every level of resort and hotel and want to help you plan the trip that fits your needs! Just last week we helped a family of four planning a trip to a major theme park save over $300 for a 3 night hotel stay near a major theme park. That's right, $300 over the prices available online! We can't do it for every hotel but we will always try!

Is it time for you to get-away from it all? Schedule a Free Consultation and Start Planning Your Vacation Today!

Enjoy Vacationing!