Accessible Vacationing

Traveling with special needs such as mobility issues can be a challenge!

  • How big is the cruise ship and what if I get tired?
  • Do I need a companion?
  • Can I get to that sight in my wheelchair?
  • What cruise lines have accessible rooms?
  • How do I get the equipment I need onboard a ship?
  • Will I be able to eat for my special needs while I travel? is a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate

We believe everyone should be able to Enjoy Vacationing and are here to help you plan the perfect trip. Proper knowledge of equipment available, accessibility of accommodations and transportation and when special rooms are needed can enhance your travel experience. We are accessible travel advocate certified and can help you have the equipment and knowledge you need to enjoy your vacation. Let us know your dream vacation so we can help you plan today!

Rent a Scooter for your Cruise Today!

We work with suppliers to ensure you have the best possible vacation experience. Let us know your needs and travel interests and let us help find you a trip. Some of our favorite recommendations for accessible travels include:

  • Cruises - Most ships have accessible travel down to a science. While not every port is ideal, we can help you decide on a direction. Cruises can take you to amazing destinations around the world - the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Australia, Asia and so much more
  • Tours - We work with some amazing tour providers who will provide you with the best possible transportation, lodging and tour options 
  • Copenhagen - Denmark is a highly accessible city with access to many tourism hot spots. (And, it's a cruise port so 2 in 1!)

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Autism Friendly Travel through Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and

Autism Friendly Travel

As the first cruise line to be certified Autism Friendly by the Autism on the Seas organization, Royal Caribbean has an enduring commitment to special needs guests. Families with autism enjoy priority check-in, boarding and departure on boarding day and ports of call, adding convenience to their experience.

Their Adventure Ocean Youth Program offers plenty of flexibility for children with autism, including age grouping, special autism-friendly toys, family movies in a low-distraction environment, and exceptions to the toilet-training policy. Of course, expertly trained youth staff are at the heart of the experience, providing a facility tour and personal consultation with parents to help identify and accommodate each child's specific needs.

They continually grow their offerings for families with special needs, including recently introduced exclusive programming from The Autism Channel, featuring specially designed entertainment and resources for families with autism.

Celebrity Cruises has also completed Autism Friendly Cruise ertification. Their program include:

  • Family movies shown in a low-lit, low volume autism-friendly environment
  • Toy lending bags with autism friendly toys
  • Staff, Consultation and Activities to accommodate specific needs
  • Help to parents prior to the cruise experience
  • Priority check in, boarding and departure
  • Special dietary accommodations, including gluten-free
  • Fun Factory youth program flexible grouping for children 3-11
  • Fun Factory toilet-trained policy exception

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Allergy & Gluten Free Travel

Many clients today are dealing with health issues related to allergies, celiac or gluten intolerance. I require gluten free travel and am continuously building a database of resources to help us all out!  If I don't have the answer, I will research it and help you find the right destination for your family. 

We can help make your travel easier:

- Ask for help from the cruise line or tour company. Most cruise lines will cater to your needs in their main dining rooms and buffets. 

- Utilize resources like these fantastic language cards for traveling abroad with celiac disease or gluten intolerance or these travel guides or both!

Specializing in allergy & gluten free travel so everyone can Enjoy Vacationing!